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Location: Tokyo $ 80,000,000
“LNG Sakura” is the first vessel to be co-owned between NYK (30%) and KEPCO (70%). After construction, the ship will transport LNG sourced from shale gas fields in North America and various other locations, in a 20-year charter agreement. Sakura, meaning “cherry blossom” in Japanese, was included in the name as a symbol of friendship and goodwill between Japan and the United States, and to encourage the continual development of the project.

The new ship features a moss-type tank, the largest in the industry, having a capacity of about 177,000 m3, enabling highly efficient transport. In addition, the ship is an energy-saving carrier equipped with a new twin-screw and a dual-fuel diesel electric propulsion engine that improves fuel consumption and propulsion performance.

NYK will continue its efforts for stable and economical energy transport.

Outline of “LNG Sakura”
Length overall: 300.00 meters
Breadth: 48.90 meters
Gross tonnage: 135,977 tons
Main engine: dual-fuel diesel electric propulsion engine
Shipbuilder: Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd.
Flag: Bahamas
(Some of the above specifications are estimates.)
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