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Location: Moscow $ 500,000,000
The length of the platform is 105 meters, its width is 60 meters, and the height with the bottom is 144 meters. It almost equals the 50-storied building. According to the development simulation model, the existing world's most powerful drilling platform provides for well drilling with horizontal displacement not less than 7 km. As a result, the platform virtually appears as a giant multiple well platform, which allows maximum efficient offshore development.

Only from this platform there will be drilled 45 wells with the highest daily flowrate of 12 thousand tons, which will provide 4.5 million tons of oil annually. There is scheduled drilling of 28 oil producing, 16 water-injection wells, and 1 well for cutting re-injection. The platform is located at a distance of 25 km from the coast, in the area, where sea depth reaches 35 meters.

There is installed the world's most powerful top drive of the blasthole drill at the Berkut platform with rotational moment of the top drive of 142 kilonewtons per meter, and lifting capacity of the machine of 1150 tons. This allows to drill wells with maximum vertical deviation up to 7 km, which is significant for efficiency and safety of offshore drilling. Here has been installed the first integrated system of the drilling process integration, which means that the drilling is carried out almost without hand-labour.

The Berkut platform has introduced the earthquake protection system for the first time in the world, which is able to stand 9 magnitude earthquakes without violation of operation efficiency. Berkut can stand low temperatures and is designed for operation under the conditions of -25ºC. It can stand the 18 meters wave (almost a tsunami) and 2 meter ice pressure.

All the habitability of the platform is provided by the off-grid power system, which consists of 4 gas-turbine units of 60 MW operating on associated gas separated at the platform with possible cogeneration on diesel oil if required. There is provided a reserve scheme consisting of 3 diesel generators of total capacity of 5.4 MW, which provide standalone service of the platform with no environmental release.

The construction of gravity base structure of the platform began in 2009 at a port of Nakhodka. Over 2000 people have been working on the construction site. Over 2000 experts have been engaged in the construction of the base structure. The Rosneft project has provided significant investments in the economy of the region. Just in the construction area there have been installed 2 batching plants, which have been using gravel from local mines.

There has been installed so-called ice lining to provide additional protection against ice formations. This unique engineering solution has been developed with the participation of leading Rosneft experts.

Sakhalin-1 is the first large-scale shelf project carried out in the Russian Federation on the PSA conditions (executed in 1996). Within the Sakhali-1 project there have been extracted 64 million tons. Oil production will increase by 33% with regard to current figures by 2018. Thanks to the development of the Arkutun-Dagi field, oil production under Sakhalin-1 project will exceed 10 million tons by 2018.
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